Toothache plant flowers


(Update) Raspberry plantlet





Starting to try out the wax plants right now, so I got two cuttings (in addition to having bought a few established plants) from a friend to try out.

This is a no ID but apparently fragrant hoya.

The one of the left is the H. australis.

Raspberry sucker

My own raspberry sucker has been growing healthy and strong.

It looked like this only on Feb 10

Star phlox flower buds and new lavenders

My two star phlox plants have been forming flower buds in preparation for the (hopefully) burst of colors that is so typical of this species. I can’t wait.

Variegated lavendula dentata.

Lavendula intermedia grosso.


Applied rooting powder to the cuttings and planted them in soil-perlite mixture. I hope they root ASAP.

(Updates) Comfrey, raspberry

Comfrey #1 – purple flowers.

Comfrey #2 – purple flowers.

Comfrey #3 – purple flowers. (The older and damaged leaves are dying off; the new and younger leaves are growing strong and healthily)

Comfrey #4 – yellow flowers.

Can see the fruits forming.

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