Begonia – black fang | selaginella

I can never remember the name of this plant.

Black fang.


For Zurina – AVs, coleuses, begonias, aster, basil

For this Friday.

A lot of colors.

African violets hidden amongst the other colors.

A smash of colors.

4 pots of asters I repotted into a large pot with coral stones hiding the soil.

For Zurina – carnivorous plants

Sundew – Drosera filiformis.

Sundew – Drosera adelae.

Butterwort – Pinguicula emarginata.

Sundew – Drosera burmanii.

Saturday update

Condensation in the pure perlite sphagnum moss container.

The LSF container.

Sphagnum in pure water.

The absolutely stunning D. spatulata I got from Sandy.

Close up.

Sphag in pure perlite.

Sphag on LFS.

In water.

Carnivorous plant medium owning the bedside today.

The CPs must own it too…my bedside I mean.

Yups. All growing well.

Sphagnum moss

Got more clumps of sphagnum moss from Sandy to try out!


I’ve separated them into three types of media/containers:
1. Pure water
2. Pure dried sphagnum moss/LFS
3. Pure perlite.

Now to see which one grows the fastest under the same conditions…

Thursday update

Have kinda pruned a few plants and acquired a few new plants.

Limp tarragon cutting that I stuck into the soil yesterday.

As compared with the parent plant.

My sweet marojam is proliferating.
Top view.

Redening mulberry fruits.

Some weird whitish stuff on the stalk of my roselle plant.

The supposed dill which grew after I cut a few stalks off to cook potato salad with.

Dill and…wormwood?

Closeups of dill leaves.

Wormwood? leaves.

Slightly tuberous? roots of dill.

Clean stalks of wormwood?

Surviving English lavender.

Young munstead lavender plant.

All on one water tray.

Rosemary. The extra plant is still dying.

Mature pygmy sundew (D. roseana) that I bought from Elgin.

Another shot of it.

Smaller roseana growing. XD

Pygmies too. The D. nitidula.

Flowering D. intermedia.

Flowering D. tokaiensis.

New traps growing from my red snap dragon VFT.


Tuesday update

My creeping thyme, common thyme and lemon mint seedlings.

Cinammon basil seedlings I believe.

My drosera paradoxa seems to be getting more offshoots. XD

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