Thursday update

Have kinda pruned a few plants and acquired a few new plants.

Limp tarragon cutting that I stuck into the soil yesterday.

As compared with the parent plant.

My sweet marojam is proliferating.
Top view.

Redening mulberry fruits.

Some weird whitish stuff on the stalk of my roselle plant.

The supposed dill which grew after I cut a few stalks off to cook potato salad with.

Dill and…wormwood?

Closeups of dill leaves.

Wormwood? leaves.

Slightly tuberous? roots of dill.

Clean stalks of wormwood?

Surviving English lavender.

Young munstead lavender plant.

All on one water tray.

Rosemary. The extra plant is still dying.

Mature pygmy sundew (D. roseana) that I bought from Elgin.

Another shot of it.

Smaller roseana growing. XD

Pygmies too. The D. nitidula.

Flowering D. intermedia.

Flowering D. tokaiensis.

New traps growing from my red snap dragon VFT.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pauline
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 13:53:26

    I love your dill n rosemary n mulberry plants. They are so green. Especially planting dill, until today, i m still unsuccessful. Could you advise how to plant them, thank you so much.


  2. skyfiery
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 14:00:27

    Hi Pauline!

    Unfortunately, I’d long thrown away my dill plant from becoming unhealthy. That was back when I was still new to gardening.

    However, with slightly more experience under me now, I’d suggest this: give your dill at least four hours of sun each day, and bright shade thereafter if possible. Water once everyday. That should be enough to keep your dill alive. Do note that dill is an annual plant. So it’d die within about a year. If it sets seed, collect the seeds and re-sow. That’s the only way of propagating it.

    Rosemary needs a very well-draining soil, and as much sun as you can give it. If it’s under full blasting sun, you can probably water it everyday provided the soil isn’t water retentive; or else, maybe twice or thrice a week is good enough. Poke your finger into the soil – if it’s too wet, don’t water. You’ll need to try out a few combination of soil mixes etc.

    Mulberries are quite easy. I refer you to this lady’s post: Mulberries.

    I hope these help a bit.


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