Absolutely swamped Thursday

I went to re-pot and divide many of the carnivorous plants I have, simply because I either wanted to tidy them up, or they were too cramped, or I just thought I wanted to re-pot them.

I divided my mother drosera paradoxa plant from the Canadian mass order into five portions. Replanted the mother plant along with three plantlets in this huge container, so I can monitor if they grow. The last portion was planted into a thumbpot so that if it survives, I’ll give it to Delwin.

One of the baby paradoxa.

The new/second tray of re-potted/divided carnivorous plants.

So I have the English sundew, the parent plant of the red snap dragon VFT, the filiformis, the baby VFTs I randomly found, and the baby paradoxa plantlet.


Busy Tuesday

Anyone has any idea what plant this is? Mini capsicum?

The flower.

The leaf.

The whole plant.

Okra seeds sprouting.

Hydroponic kit for spinach seeds.

Baby clump of red snap dragon venus flytrap.


Potato in the soil.

Friday update – rearrangement

So, I managed to clear off some plants which were dying or stuff, or rotting, or planning to give them to my grandma since she requested for them. In the end, what I have is an adequate space to start on my small scale hydroponics vegetables effort.

Since my dad refused to let me use the hydroponics box, I had to come up with an alternative, which would prevent mosquitoes from breeding as well.

Before clearing out.

After clearing.

The alternative hydroponics method.

Vermiculite over a layer of leca.

Packing all my stuff onto an old dish holder.

The first vegetable I intend to test out – okra.

For Zurina – bonsais

Close up of #1.

#1 – Going for $150.

#2 – $130.

Seller asking if you’d like to buy #3 at around $80. And if you get three, he’ll give one to you free.

Also, would you like the figurines there or taken out?

Of food and the suitability of taste

Actually, I don’t know what the title of this post means.

But anyway, I’ve been thinking of clearing my herbs (some of them at least) and growing vegetables instead. I mean, I love herbs and all, but herbs are more used as condiments than for filling the stomach.

In the long run, I want something I can actually eat. So…

Sweet potato.
Lady’s finger.

For Zurina

Gerberas/African daisies.

Mona lavender.

Citronella if I can get it.

Mexican tarragon.

Sweet basil.

Thai basil.


Downy rose myrtle.

Laksa plant.

Red, green and blue selaginalla.

Friday update

So, this is how my small edible garden looks like, crammed amongst all my dad’s plants.

My plants are crammed towards the far left.

You can see most of my edibles here – tarragon, sweet basil, cat’s whiskers etc. Just a mess of green though.

Looking inwards.

Looking outwards. My neighbor also plants a lot.

The Chinese keys is really growing…something…

Carnivorous plants tray.

Drosera burmanii’s cute little flower. =)

Lemon balm after I snipped off a lot of branches due to mealy bugs.

Sweet majoram after pruning.