(Update) Various plants

The sun finally came out and stayed out today. It’s actually sunny instead of gloomy. My flip-flap is still flapping from the brightness, even though it’s place deep in the room.

W00t! for sunlight.

From 27.02.09

Butterhead lettuce seedling which just sprouted today. In hydroponics system with pure vermiculite. Seeds from Oh Chin Huat.

From 27.02.09
From 27.02.09

Rocket seedlings grown from seeds from a kind Folian.

From 27.02.09

My current hydroponics setup (leca, fine vermiculite, and net pots) with three choy sum pots and one butterhead lettuce pot.

From 27.02.09

Butterhead growing true leaf!

From 27.02.09

Choy sum.

From 27.02.09
From 27.02.09

Totem cherry tomato seedlings with true leaves. Seeds from Swallowtail.

From 27.02.09
From 27.02.09

Local lettuce from Ban Lee Huat. =D


TT / Ms Green Fingers



I know I left a comment on your post, but wanted to post one here too.

Finally met you. W00t!

Btw, how did you recognize me? LOL. >.<

(Photography) World Farm

So, Hendra and I went to World Farm today. I was looking for a few plants, and got cuttings for the Vitex Trifolia. XD

Took quite a few pictures. Brushed off some of my rustiness.

Also, dad had an event and took my DSLR as a backup. So I was using the Canon S3IS today.

Some type of cactus.

Close up of wood chips.

Fortune bamboo.

Purple asters.

Red asters.

Dahlia flower.

Verbena flowers.

Perspectives. Gebera flowers.

Pentas flowers.

Thanks to Shamrock for the IDs!

Full album here.

(Sown) Butterhead lettuce | Tea tree

Sown one buterhead lettuce seed onto pure vermiculite soaked in hydroponics solution, then covered the container up.

Did the same for my tea tree seeds.

Have placed them in a bright place for germination.

(Pest control) Battle plan – one step farther

After using refrigerated seaweed extract didn’t seem to deter the red spider mites, I have gone one step farther – made my own white oil using a combination of vegetable oil, dishwashing liquid, and water.

I’ve watered the plants to build up their protection, and have just sprayed the mixture on the RSMs.

I still don’t want to buy any kind of pesticide…yet. But am looking at two – Liquid Deris Plus (which breaks down upon contact with air and light); white summer oil. Both are safe for edibles because they break down.

We’ll see how this home-made concoction goes.

I hope the RSMs suffocate.

I’ve left the little spider on my basils as alone as I can, though.

(Pest Control) Still an ongoing fight

I’ve been spraying my plants almost religiously with seaweed extract these few days in an attempt to get rid of the red spider mites. I’ve been misting my plants (and especially the undersides of their leaves) about four to five times everyday.

This morning, I realized that the originally infected plants seem to have gained more RSMs on certain leaves. From being simply scattered around, there seems to be a clear infestation now.

I went to google on RSMs and saw this page on how to deal with them. Apparently, just misting might not be good enough. Off goes my spray into the fridge.

This is a war I will win.

(Pest Control) Yet another war with red spider mites and mealy bugs

With the hot weather (Singapore is usually humid, but it’s a drier kind of heat now) having just resumed (hot and windy, no less), I went through my plants to find two of the worst kinds of pests for me – red spider mites, and mealy bugs.

The RSMs have infected about six of my plants through certain negligence – my choc mints; lime, lemon and cinammon basils; peppermint; orange mint. They’ve formed many webbings on the undersides of the leaves, and those small dots hardly larger than a full stop have happily moved here and there and everywhere.

Out comes the spray bottle, not with pesticide or whatever. I don’t want my edibles to not be edible. But the water is mixed with about 5ml of HORTI seaweed extract, which is intended as a growth stimulant for plants. However, I’ve found that it works just as well with the killing of RSMs, and have liberally sprayed my plants this morning and evening till they were dripping with the diluted solution. It’s a double whammy – my plants are still able to absorb the extract, and the RSMs die. Whoopee. I’m gonna follow the general rule of spraying things on at least 70% of the plant from now on. This includes the tops and bottoms of leaves.

Now comes the random mealy bugs. I found one on my pineapple mint (which strangely has escaped the RSMs’ notice), and one on my cinammon basil. So? No strong chemicals again. Just a solution of water, dishwashing liquid, and a teaspoon of cooking oil. And? I had the pleasure of seeing the solution “congregate” around the mealies, and dissolving their flesh. It was more than a simple matter dislodging them after that.

So ends the battle for today.

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