(Mints) Some surviving

Some are growing new green shoots.


Rosemary, oh rosemary

The rosemary seems to be going bye-bye.


I’m a poor hand with it. I shall stick with my mints if/once the rosemary dies…

(Update) New mints

After a few days of really tender care, the two mojito mints have started putting out tiny new green shoots from the base of the main, dying stalk. Too early to rejoice, but at least there is some semblance of hope for these two.

The corscian mint is left with two miniscule stalks of green, so fragile. That’s a touch and go.

As for the rest…the thick stems in the soil still have quite some green in them. So I’m just hoping for the best and preparing for the worst with them…


I hope they survive. They’re all now sitting in a big tub with about three inches of water to replenish their thirst, and also placed in a shaded area for now.

Dad’s stuff

With my dad having complained of the lack of space at our balcony, I told him to go a toned down version of a vertical garden. We were at Daiso today and bought a few pots with ready holes. He drilled some nails into the wall and hung these pots on them.

Phone quality picture.

Happy birthday

First day of GardenTech 2009, first year for this plant blog.

I suppose I should dedicate a picture as a sort of gift to the blog, but I sadly have no picture for now. Lol.

Aha. Okay. I bought a bottle of soluble phostrogen to try. It’s a gift, then. =)

(Update) Variegated peppermint

My variegated peppermint has finally taken on some sort of variegation. Well, one pot of it, at least. *sighs* That took quite a long time to achieve.

At least it looks pretty.

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