Test of garbage enzyme on mealy bug | White sage

Okay, I found a large mealy bug on my mint plant the other day. So I thought I’d try my diluted garbage enzyme on it. From this single experiment (need to test more to draw solid conclusions), I’ll say that the G.E. does work in killing mealies – I sprayed on it before work, and about eight hours later when I came home to check the mealy’s carcass was just fluffy cotton.

First batch of white sage didn’t sprout.

Re-heated second batch directly on the aromatherapy burner and re-sowed.

Now let’s see how this batch does.


White sage seeds

10 October – sowed white sage seeds.

Random updates – mints, lemon eu, lemon myrtle, butterwort

This post will be more of a pictorial update on some plants.

Butterwort giving out flower stalks. I’ve cut off two of them and only let one grow. It has a cute purple flower.

My lemon myrtle now.

And my lemon eucalyptus growing all the way out.

Reeeallly growing out/up.

My grapefruit mint with runners. Wow.

My variegated peppermint – wow, “worse.”

Please DON’T over fertilize your plants…

Rosemary. I can’t decide if it’s doing well, or not.

Looks okay from afar.

Sorry for the silhouetted pic – some leaves curling up; some curling down.


Heat germination of seeds – tea tree

Two more just put out tiny sprouts. So it’s eight days and nine days…

Heat germination of seeds – 4th update

Four tea tree seedlings finally germinated today.

Since I did the heating and warming, and sowed the seeds on 25th September, that’s…EIGHT days these took to germinate.


24 February to 7 March. That’s about ELEVEN days for my first ever batch of tea tree seeds to sprout.

So, I guess that the heat did help germination by a little bit. It’d take more trials to verify this.