Carnivorous plants

Just for some fun sharing.

Nepenthes albomarginata var. rubra – A growing pitcher. Looking fuzzy.

Another growing pitcher.

One of the teenage pitchers of the nep. albo. The white margin is getting slowly more pronounced everyday.

Typical venus flytrap after repotting.

Cephalotus follicularis (Albany pitcher plant) – I have two surviving pots; am a first-time grower at this species.

Left row down: ceph; nep. albo.; ceph; clump of typical VFT
Right row down: drosera burmanii (sundew); nep. albo.; mother clump of VFT.


Ulam raja and Roman chamomile

The ulama raja (cosmos caudatus) has shown true leaves. They’re adorable.

And the Roman chamomile has perked up after wilting a bit because I forgot to water it.


I’m kind of closing down this blog as an information source and moving over to Asëa Aranion, where I’ll provide more informative and concise posts.

This blog will be retained to update myself of my plants’ progresses and random updates.

Asëa Aranion will be more a companion page to Plants’ Stories, should you desire a more well-written posts.

Please update your links.

(Sowed) Ulam raja, Chinese toon, white sage

Heated up and soaked the white sage and Chinese toon seeds and sowed them today. Nicked the white sage with a blade before heating and sowing.

Sowed the ulam raja seeds today.