Lemon verbena

I managed to successfully propagate lemon verbena using a growing tip from my mother plant, place it in pure perlite, and bagging everything up.


(Plant updates) White sage, dianthus sweet williams, comfrey

These are the three white sage seedlings which sprouted and grew from my previous batch of germination attempt.

Supposedly dianthus ‘sweet williams’ (carnation). Sowed on 1st September.

One of my smaller comfrey plants. I love the soft, fuzzy young leaves.

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Plant updates: marigold, prunella vulgaris

Two marigold seedlings grown from seeds from a nice gardener.

From the top.

Two pots of allheal (prunella vulgaris). Used to be one pot until I divided them.

Messy leaves of the smaller pot.

Second pot.


And another.