(Update) Black-eyed susan

I don’t rightly remember when I sowed my rudbeckia seeds. I think it must have been about two, three months back. I sowed about six seeds, I believe. Out of those, five sprouted. Two seedlings were given away; one died; I’m left with two for now.

One of the two has now produced a flower head. Since the plant is still quite small, I’m planning to cut the flower head off to channel energy more to the plant’s growth first. So, I’ll admire my handiwork for two days before I snip it off…

Side view.

Top view.


(Updates) Black-eyed susan, neps, lemon eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, tea tree

One of my comfrey’s leaves has branched. So adorable!

Lavenders propagated from a mother plant a friend gave to me.

Cuttings propagated from $6 from World Farm.

Roman chamomile.

Tea tree.

Lemon eucalyptus.

N. Gardentech.

N. albomarginata ‘green, Brunei’

(Updates) Comfrey, lemon eucalyptus, N. Gardentech


Lemon eucalyptus.

N. Gardentech – a lot of pitchers!