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Semi-hydroponics lettuce – Day 23

This batch of lettuces (local, butterhead, buttercrunch and iceberg) all get the full morning sun, and my bright table light at night.

Melaleuca alternifolia seedlings

They are taking a VERY long time to grow fast!

Chocolate mint

And, from the kindness of Rummi’s heart, she gave me some free cuttings from the choc mint bunch I sold her (I need to wait for my basil mint to grow out and then root for her!). They are now doing really well in the semi-hydroponics setup with full morning sun and nighttime lamp.


Various updates

Red spider mites

I finally went Petunia’s method and spent over two hours soaping all my mints down and then rinsing them off. They’re a bit limp now, but will perk up soon.

Gonna repeat this over the weekend.

High Brix Farming

After reading Kelmund’s thread on high brix farming, I went to put about two tablespoonfuls of raw sugar into six pots of mints and into my sawtooth coriander.

The mints are all placed together. I’m going to see if when the RSMs next attack, will the mints with the sugar in the soil be affected or not.

This was how much sugar I put in the pot of my sawtooth coriander.

Green mint – mentha verdis

Growing well after three months. Leaves are getting bigger. They seem happy.

Tea tree seedlings

Some have grown true leaves already. They are still really tiny though. Less than 4mm tall.

Semi-hydroponics lettuces

Not bad going.

(Harvesting | Sowing) Pak choy | Lettuces

Pak choy experiment

So the results are as such:

1. Pure hydro solution – only one pak choy turned out good. The other was stunted;
2. Semi-hydro – both pak choys turned out the best
3. Water reservoir – not good for veggies.

Maybe because the sun is shifting positions or something, but that’s not really the case – the semi-hydro veggies turned out very healthy and strong.

The two semi-hydro in the foreground.

Semi-hydroponics: lettuces

I started a plastic container of semi-hydroponics lettuce yesterday. Filled four thumbpots with soil, stuck cords of twine through them to induce capillary action, and placed two lettuce seeds into each pot:
1. Butterhead lettuce – Oh Chin Huat
2. Buttercrunch lettuce – Ebay
3. Iceberg lettuce – Ebay (more for experiment’s sake, since icebergs don’t do well in the tropics)
4. Local lettuce – Ban Lee Huat.

I didn’t label the pots: would rather be surprised and amused. Placed the container in a brightly-lit area and seeds in two pots have already sprouted today. =)

Small little sprout in the middle of the picture.