Live sphagnum moss | Drosera paradoxa | Unidentified plant | Red ruffles coleus

Live sphagnum moss on top of dried sphagnum moss. Trying to propagate the LSM.

The LSM.

The LSM on top of the dried spag moss in the container above; one small piece of LSM on wet perlite in the container below.

Close up of LSM on top of dried spag.

In the container. Some still contain bits of perlite.

Lid left slightly open for ventilation.

Red ruffles coleus getting the morning sun.

Can’t remember what this is. Chinese keys maybe. It’s budding.

Close up of bud.

Drosera paradoxa flowering.


Lemon basil | Mulberry | True Dill | Coleus | Cat’s whiskers

Seeds on my cat’s whiskers plant.

Flowers of the lemon basil, which I snipped off and stuck in the soil again – I didn’t want the plant to flower and then die off so quickly.

My lemon basil – notice the flower stalk now at the bottom right?

Trimmed eau de cologne mint still looking wild.

My mulberry which has 99% ripened.

Red ruffles coleus I believe.

Will take the true dill pictures tomorrow.