Thursday update

Have kinda pruned a few plants and acquired a few new plants.

Limp tarragon cutting that I stuck into the soil yesterday.

As compared with the parent plant.

My sweet marojam is proliferating.
Top view.

Redening mulberry fruits.

Some weird whitish stuff on the stalk of my roselle plant.

The supposed dill which grew after I cut a few stalks off to cook potato salad with.

Dill and…wormwood?

Closeups of dill leaves.

Wormwood? leaves.

Slightly tuberous? roots of dill.

Clean stalks of wormwood?

Surviving English lavender.

Young munstead lavender plant.

All on one water tray.

Rosemary. The extra plant is still dying.

Mature pygmy sundew (D. roseana) that I bought from Elgin.

Another shot of it.

Smaller roseana growing. XD

Pygmies too. The D. nitidula.

Flowering D. intermedia.

Flowering D. tokaiensis.

New traps growing from my red snap dragon VFT.



Lemon basil | Mulberry | True Dill | Coleus | Cat’s whiskers

Seeds on my cat’s whiskers plant.

Flowers of the lemon basil, which I snipped off and stuck in the soil again – I didn’t want the plant to flower and then die off so quickly.

My lemon basil – notice the flower stalk now at the bottom right?

Trimmed eau de cologne mint still looking wild.

My mulberry which has 99% ripened.

Red ruffles coleus I believe.

Will take the true dill pictures tomorrow.