(Harvesting | Sowing) Pak choy | Lettuces

Pak choy experiment

So the results are as such:

1. Pure hydro solution – only one pak choy turned out good. The other was stunted;
2. Semi-hydro – both pak choys turned out the best
3. Water reservoir – not good for veggies.

Maybe because the sun is shifting positions or something, but that’s not really the case – the semi-hydro veggies turned out very healthy and strong.

The two semi-hydro in the foreground.

Semi-hydroponics: lettuces

I started a plastic container of semi-hydroponics lettuce yesterday. Filled four thumbpots with soil, stuck cords of twine through them to induce capillary action, and placed two lettuce seeds into each pot:
1. Butterhead lettuce – Oh Chin Huat
2. Buttercrunch lettuce – Ebay
3. Iceberg lettuce – Ebay (more for experiment’s sake, since icebergs don’t do well in the tropics)
4. Local lettuce – Ban Lee Huat.

I didn’t label the pots: would rather be surprised and amused. Placed the container in a brightly-lit area and seeds in two pots have already sprouted today. =)

Small little sprout in the middle of the picture.


(Updates | Harvesting | Cleared)

Sharp-leaf spinach

Cleared two hydroponic bottles of sharp-leaf spinach plants because they were so deformed by the red spider mites’ attacks. Kept one bottle and one vermiculite one.

The picture shows a leaf scarred by the mites.

Butterhead and local lettuces

Harvested since they got toppled from their hydroponics bottles by the wind and rain anyway.

Piper sarmentosum

Pruned the piper sarmentosum heavily because it was top-heavy.

The leaves are almost as big as my palm. What HAVE I been feeding my plants with?!

Lemon myrtle

I forgot about my surviving lemon myrtle plant for months, and it was only when it half-toppled from the rain and strong winds today that I took notice of it when I went to rearrange plants and clear dead ones.

It. Is. Huge.

Not as huge as my lemon eucalyptus (I don’t know why I’m comparing…) but still.

What have I been feeding them?!

(Harvested | Hydroponics) Butterhead lettuce

Harvested my hydroponics butterhead lettuce today. It looked really lush.

It’s now sitting in a bowl of water to soak and dilute any taste of bitterness in case the heat had made it bitter.

Washed the bottle thoroughly of the algae built up. It’s now clean and ready for the next hydroponics use.

The roots. A bit overgrown with algae.

Soaking in water to get rid of any possible bitter taste acquired because it’s been too warm.

(Harvesting) Kang kong

I just harvested my batch of kang kong from my pure hydroponics solution. And wow. They were big.

I gave half to my dad’s tortoises, and kept half for myself to cook with soup later on.

Conversely, the ones in soil are still growing like turtles.