High Brix gardening observation #1

I went to check on one small pot of mint which I’d added the sugar to.

I noticed potential red spider mites coming back to infect some other mints. But this particular one is still clean.

However, one can smell a very slight pungent smell from the soil, if I hold the pot close to my nose. I suspect it’s the sugar feeding the bacteria which is producing some stuff. It’s a very slight smell, and I’m not bothered about it.

Now, to observe some more…


Edited to say:

I went to check on my sawtooth coriander, since the leaves are large enough for thorough examination (I’ve decided to use this for a more proper test), and it’s placed away from my mints so that I can check on my area for mites as well.

Despite having had sugar placed in its soil a few days ago, I’ve observed no good effects on the plant, since I saw today that it got re-infected with A LOT of spider mites.

I have two guesses:
1. The sugar got washed away from my daily top-watering;
2. The sugar has no effect.

Suspecting #1, I’ve filled the pot with four spoonfuls of sugar again. We’ll see.


Various updates

Red spider mites

I finally went Petunia’s method and spent over two hours soaping all my mints down and then rinsing them off. They’re a bit limp now, but will perk up soon.

Gonna repeat this over the weekend.

High Brix Farming

After reading Kelmund’s thread on high brix farming, I went to put about two tablespoonfuls of raw sugar into six pots of mints and into my sawtooth coriander.

The mints are all placed together. I’m going to see if when the RSMs next attack, will the mints with the sugar in the soil be affected or not.

This was how much sugar I put in the pot of my sawtooth coriander.

Green mint – mentha verdis

Growing well after three months. Leaves are getting bigger. They seem happy.

Tea tree seedlings

Some have grown true leaves already. They are still really tiny though. Less than 4mm tall.

Semi-hydroponics lettuces

Not bad going.