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Semi-hydroponics lettuce – Day 23

This batch of lettuces (local, butterhead, buttercrunch and iceberg) all get the full morning sun, and my bright table light at night.

Melaleuca alternifolia seedlings

They are taking a VERY long time to grow fast!

Chocolate mint

And, from the kindness of Rummi’s heart, she gave me some free cuttings from the choc mint bunch I sold her (I need to wait for my basil mint to grow out and then root for her!). They are now doing really well in the semi-hydroponics setup with full morning sun and nighttime lamp.


(Harvesting | Sowing) Pak choy | Lettuces

Pak choy experiment

So the results are as such:

1. Pure hydro solution – only one pak choy turned out good. The other was stunted;
2. Semi-hydro – both pak choys turned out the best
3. Water reservoir – not good for veggies.

Maybe because the sun is shifting positions or something, but that’s not really the case – the semi-hydro veggies turned out very healthy and strong.

The two semi-hydro in the foreground.

Semi-hydroponics: lettuces

I started a plastic container of semi-hydroponics lettuce yesterday. Filled four thumbpots with soil, stuck cords of twine through them to induce capillary action, and placed two lettuce seeds into each pot:
1. Butterhead lettuce – Oh Chin Huat
2. Buttercrunch lettuce – Ebay
3. Iceberg lettuce – Ebay (more for experiment’s sake, since icebergs don’t do well in the tropics)
4. Local lettuce – Ban Lee Huat.

I didn’t label the pots: would rather be surprised and amused. Placed the container in a brightly-lit area and seeds in two pots have already sprouted today. =)

Small little sprout in the middle of the picture.