Yellow blooms, new blooms

The first two open flowers of the Japanese honeysuckle have turned a nice pastel yellow today. The new blooms which have opened are white.

Very soft combination of colors.

(I sprayed the plant with cold water to keep red spider mites off of them; taken with camera phone).

All the blooms.

First two opened blooms have turned yellow.

New blooms.


(Blooming) Japanese honeysuckle

This plant was a cutting Wilson kindly gave to me during my first visit to his community garden sometime around June 2008. I took just one cutting, plonked it into the soil, and shared that cutting in a pot with a blue Brazilian snapdragon cutting.

The pot was pretty much left alone until I’d forgotten what plants I had in them. The only reason how I came to know that the pot and plants still existed was because the snapdragon suddenly flowered, its flowers a stark blue contrast against the almost monotonous green of my edible plants.

Then I remembered about the honeysuckle, but still left it there alone, pretty much untended except for the twice-weekly fertilizing and daily watering.

Yet, it has now flowered for me!

I guess that sometimes, it is the over-concern for a plant that might kill it faster than letting it do its own thing, in its own time.

Two of the flowers with petals unfurled.

From the side.

From the top.

Unopened flowers.