(Update) Various plants

Nepenthes (mirabilis x rafflesiana) x coccinea.

A forming pitcher.

Nepenthes ‘viking’.

One pitcher.

From the back.

All heal (prunella vulgaris). Known in TCM as xia4 gu1 chao3.

Lavender from Sandi.

Nepenthes gracilis.

A forming pitcher.

Drosera paraxoda and pinguicula primuliflora I got from Talos.

See the number of babies?!



Some pictures and updates

Nepenthes (mirabilis x coccinea) x rafflesiana which I won from the most recent gathering of Green Culture Singapore. This pitcher is starting to dry up but I think other pitchers are starting to form. I hope it acclimatizes well.

The whole nep plant.


The sarracenia I’d bought from World Farm a few months back.


Two pots of my nepenthes albomarginata rubra.



Pinguicula primuliflora from brenbren more than a year back?


The lavender plant Sandi gave to me.


Roman chamomile seedlings.


Drosera burmanii bought from YK some time back.


Nepenthes gracillis – hopefully it acclimatizes. Seems like some leaves are rotting away.


Nep ampullaria. Hope it acclimatizes also.


Portulacas brought back from Thailand as cuttings.

Thursday update

Have kinda pruned a few plants and acquired a few new plants.

Limp tarragon cutting that I stuck into the soil yesterday.

As compared with the parent plant.

My sweet marojam is proliferating.

Top view.

Redening mulberry fruits.

Some weird whitish stuff on the stalk of my roselle plant.

The supposed dill which grew after I cut a few stalks off to cook potato salad with.

Dill and…wormwood?

Closeups of dill leaves.

Wormwood? leaves.

Slightly tuberous? roots of dill.

Clean stalks of wormwood?

Surviving English lavender.

Young munstead lavender plant.

All on one water tray.

Rosemary. The extra plant is still dying.

Mature pygmy sundew (D. roseana) that I bought from Elgin.

Another shot of it.

Smaller roseana growing. XD

Pygmies too. The D. nitidula.

Flowering D. intermedia.

Flowering D. tokaiensis.

New traps growing from my red snap dragon VFT.


Lavenders 09/08/08

Lavenders getting the morning sun everyday.

Lavender 09/08/08

After two days of spraying fungicide on lavender #2, I finally decided to snip off the diseased portions, as per lavendergarden’s advice.

I think the plant is doing okay/good under this care. Am giving it a healthy dose of water and sunlight everyday.

I’ve learnt to stand the lavender in a plate of water for at least 30 to 45 minutes before spraying the fungicide, so as to prevent leaves burnt and kill the plant faster than disease can.

The rest of the healthy stalks.

The whitish stuff is fungicide residue.

As compared with lavender #1.

Okay I guess. Getting there.