(Blooming) Vitex trifolia | General updates

My vitex trifolia’s flowers have finally bloomed. For a plant which is reputed to be a superb mozzie repellent, its flowers are delicately-plumed and a graceful purple. And they’re pretty tiny!

I pruned the plant the other day and gave three cuttings to a fellow GCSer. Methinks they’d root pretty well.

Articles to a village in Samoa using the plant to combat dengue:
Making mosquitoes buzz off, the natural, traditional way

Warding off mosquitoes

I’ve cleared A LOT of plants which were either dying, dead, or too sickly from the RSM attacks to be of use. So far, I have cleared:

1. Totem cherry tomato – I suspect it’s my small planter box, with a lack of certain fertilizers, and then an overdose of fertilizers that killed it;

2. Old pots of chocolate mints – too scarred by RSMs; still have some rebel forces of RSMs hiding beneath some leaves;

3. Two pak choy plants – the ones in the water reservoir started lagging and not doing well, even after so long. So off they went;

4. Suspected black peppermint – took cuttings to root; threw away mother pot;

5. Original pot of lemon balm – this was from ONE single stem cutting I took from my first pot of lemon balm, which my dad killed. Got too attacked by RSMs;

6. Lemon basil | Sweet basil | Italian Genovese basil – I’ve let all of them bolt. Since I don’t use basil at all, might as well collect the seeds for future planting, and clear out the parent plants;

7. Piper sarmentosum – so battered by the rain.

I think that’s about all for the moment. I’m currently doing a lot of stem cuttings to root new plants, so that I can throw away the parent plants which are/have been attacked and scarred badly by red spider mites.

Lemon myrtle is growing like…I dunno. O_o It’s huge, and definitely top-heavy.


Friday update

So, this is how my small edible garden looks like, crammed amongst all my dad’s plants.

My plants are crammed towards the far left.

You can see most of my edibles here – tarragon, sweet basil, cat’s whiskers etc. Just a mess of green though.

Looking inwards.

Looking outwards. My neighbor also plants a lot.

The Chinese keys is really growing…something…

Carnivorous plants tray.

Drosera burmanii’s cute little flower. =)

Lemon balm after I snipped off a lot of branches due to mealy bugs.

Sweet majoram after pruning.