For newtogardening

This is my lemon myrtle in May 2009, I think about half a year after I bought it. When I first bought it, it was about 2/3 of the size now…for $10. Go Kwang Kee okay? =)



Should I move over (and back to) Blogger, or should I just stay with WordPress?

(Misc.) Holler for help regarding widget

Am trying to place a visitor place widget, but don’t seem to be able to do it on WordPress. Any readers can offer help? It’s from Wowzio.

Dad’s stuff

With my dad having complained of the lack of space at our balcony, I told him to go a toned down version of a vertical garden. We were at Daiso today and bought a few pots with ready holes. He drilled some nails into the wall and hung these pots on them.

Phone quality picture.

Happy birthday

First day of GardenTech 2009, first year for this plant blog.

I suppose I should dedicate a picture as a sort of gift to the blog, but I sadly have no picture for now. Lol.

Aha. Okay. I bought a bottle of soluble phostrogen to try. It’s a gift, then. =)

14 August

I just realized that in about 13 days, this plant blog will be one year old. =)

I’ve been gardening for about a year and a half, then.


Small little note

I’ve decided to do some consolidation of my (limited) experience in growing plants as an apartment dweller, and will be sporadically adding new pages to this main blog.

Currently, I’ve written a brief page on the sowing of seeds, and hope that it’d be helpful. I might expand on it when I get more time.

In the meanwhile, do let me know if the information are of any use, and add your own experiences and/or suggestions of pages or information if you wish. It’d be fun. =)

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