(Non-plant related post) About being a wolf

In my previous post/rant, I mentioned about being a wolf and disliking humans. I’d like to explain that.

To be really, really brief, I’m an Otherkin. That is, I don’t think of myself as human in my soul. It’s a spiritual belief, sure, just like how monotheists believe there’s one god and all but they can’t see the god, etc. etc. It’s just simply a belief. I can’t prove it, but I have no need to to anyone else.


I’m also a pagan and most of the times, a nature lover. I do some sort of conservation work when I can, and also try to respect nature a lot, both for her gentleness and her ferocity.

Being an animal is simple – you eat, and you sleep. Clear emotions like fear, anger, showing threat etc. are all very simple and unambiguous. While I’m in a human body, my way of thinking, my thought-processes, and even my world view often alienates me from the general populus, especially from humans, whose thought-processes are too complicated for me sometimes.

I don’t like the way humans behave. Sure, I am one myself, or at least, I am in a human body. That means I also suffer from the same dislike towards myself when I behave in a certain way reminiscent of the general populus. However, I have also alienated myself enough by having such deviant world-views that I am also not accepted by the general populus even as I sometimes behave like them.

I guess I should stop talking about this now. It IS a plant blog after all. I just felt the need to explain somehow…