(Update) Various plants

Nepenthes (mirabilis x rafflesiana) x coccinea.

A forming pitcher.

Nepenthes ‘viking’.

One pitcher.

From the back.

All heal (prunella vulgaris). Known in TCM as xia4 gu1 chao3.

Lavender from Sandi.

Nepenthes gracilis.

A forming pitcher.

Drosera paraxoda and pinguicula primuliflora I got from Talos.

See the number of babies?!





Murraya paniculata flower.

The plant is only this big. Heh…

One of the nepenthes albomarginata rubra pitchers.

Close up of murraya flower.

(Photography) Nature infrared and color photography

The IR pictures first

Morning glories.

The boy took this shot. I couldn’t post-process it properly. I need more practice.

The normal color pictures

We believe it’s a sparrow’s nest.

Mimosa plant seed pod I think.


(Photography) World Farm

So, Hendra and I went to World Farm today. I was looking for a few plants, and got cuttings for the Vitex Trifolia. XD

Took quite a few pictures. Brushed off some of my rustiness.

Also, dad had an event and took my DSLR as a backup. So I was using the Canon S3IS today.

Some type of cactus.

Close up of wood chips.

Fortune bamboo.

Purple asters.

Red asters.

Dahlia flower.

Verbena flowers.

Perspectives. Gebera flowers.

Pentas flowers.

Thanks to Shamrock for the IDs!

Full album here.