Roman chamomile

One of the roman chamomile pots toppled over and killed the seedlings when it stormed, so I had to clear the seedlings and sow new seeds.

However, the other pot is doing just fine.

Surviving pot #1 about 10 days ago.

Surviving pot #1 today.


Some pictures and updates

Nepenthes (mirabilis x coccinea) x rafflesiana which I won from the most recent gathering of Green Culture Singapore. This pitcher is starting to dry up but I think other pitchers are starting to form. I hope it acclimatizes well.

The whole nep plant.


The sarracenia I’d bought from World Farm a few months back.


Two pots of my nepenthes albomarginata rubra.



Pinguicula primuliflora from brenbren more than a year back?


The lavender plant Sandi gave to me.


Roman chamomile seedlings.


Drosera burmanii bought from YK some time back.


Nepenthes gracillis – hopefully it acclimatizes. Seems like some leaves are rotting away.


Nep ampullaria. Hope it acclimatizes also.


Portulacas brought back from Thailand as cuttings.

Ulam raja and Roman chamomile

The ulama raja (cosmos caudatus) has shown true leaves. They’re adorable.

And the Roman chamomile has perked up after wilting a bit because I forgot to water it.