Random updates – mints, lemon eu, lemon myrtle, butterwort

This post will be more of a pictorial update on some plants.

Butterwort giving out flower stalks. I’ve cut off two of them and only let one grow. It has a cute purple flower.

My lemon myrtle now.

And my lemon eucalyptus growing all the way out.

Reeeallly growing out/up.

My grapefruit mint with runners. Wow.

My variegated peppermint – wow, “worse.”

Please DON’T over fertilize your plants…

Rosemary. I can’t decide if it’s doing well, or not.

Looks okay from afar.

Sorry for the silhouetted pic – some leaves curling up; some curling down.



Note to self: regarding rosemary

If the rosemary is thirsty, the lengthwise sides of the leaves curl slightly inwards so the leaves look thinner instead of adequately expanded.

(Note to self) Soil for rosemary

Refer to this thread

This potting soil is said to be really free-draining in the thread, so I bought it and repotted my rosemary into it with about 90% of this soil and 10% left of its old soil. Since my place is an apartment and receives only 5 to 6 hours of direct sun on a good day, I think it should be good.

Rosemary, oh rosemary

The rosemary seems to be going bye-bye.


I’m a poor hand with it. I shall stick with my mints if/once the rosemary dies…

(Space Clearing) Of the clearing and reshuffling of space | Plants

My planting space was getting really, really cluttered, what with countless experiments using hydroponics and soil methods for seeds, and propagating a lot of mints for sale, and-this-and-that.

So, I cleared more dead plants, rearranged A LOT of things, and yay, more space.

The kinds of “creativity” us apartment-dwellers with space constrains have to come up with is amazing.

From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09


From 18.02.09

The lemon eucalyptus was growing almost to the ceiling. I repotted and repositioned it to give more upward space for it to grow.

From 18.02.09

Mints for J.; Lavender ‘Goodwin Creek’; Rosemary. And extra space on the next tier behind them.

From 18.02.09


From 18.02.09

(Clockwise from top left) Propagated pineapple mint; sawtooth coriander; water rooting peppermint; thyme seedlings.

From 18.02.09

Two circular pots – rocket seedlings; lettuce; totem cherry tomato; mulberry.
Sharp-leafed spinach; lettuce; kangkong.

From 18.02.09

Hydroponics kangkong.

From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09

Choy sum seedlings in hydroponics. Empty pot is for lettuce seeds which didn’t germinate.


I managed to root three of the five rosemary cuttings I’d used as experiments.

While I realized that my original pot of rosemarys had problems with the plants because of the soil (damn you, burnt earth!), the cuttings rooted perfectly well. The parent plants might have already gotten some early root rot, but I’m hoping that with the change of soil, and changing my schedule to water them once every three days instead of two, they will grow back to full health.

The cuttings used were 90% green and growing tips with 10% of the hardwood (the older part of the plant), so as to maximize rooting chances but minimize rot. Made slanted cuts and dipped in rooting hormone, then dug holes into the soil, placed the cutting in, and gently but firmly patted the soil down around them so as to avoid disturbing the rooting hormone.

The rosemary cuttings sitting in a mixture of perlite, burnt earth (never burnt earth alone again), organic soil, and potting mix.

The parent plants before root rot started getting to them.

A slight change and addition of styles | Update

I’ve decided to include “instructional” postings in this blog in addition to just keeping tabs on my plants and their growths and deaths.

It’d be pretty infrequent, but I do have some experience in growing selected plants.

Rosemary semi-green/semi-hardwood cuttings waiting to be rooted in the parent pot.

The pot of two rosemary plants.

Daun cekur growing lush. Can be harvested in a week.

Chocolate mint growing larger leaves than before. It has a sharp candycane scent, which can be smelt strongly even if one just brushes lightly against its stems.

Orange mint also growing larger leaves. Still subtle smelling. Propagating soon along with the chocolate mint.

The aerial roots of the grapefruit mint growing into strong base roots after placing the cutting in water for about four days.

Peanut plant stolens(?) forming after the flowers have died off.

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