Various updates

Red spider mites

I finally went Petunia’s method and spent over two hours soaping all my mints down and then rinsing them off. They’re a bit limp now, but will perk up soon.

Gonna repeat this over the weekend.

High Brix Farming

After reading Kelmund’s thread on high brix farming, I went to put about two tablespoonfuls of raw sugar into six pots of mints and into my sawtooth coriander.

The mints are all placed together. I’m going to see if when the RSMs next attack, will the mints with the sugar in the soil be affected or not.

This was how much sugar I put in the pot of my sawtooth coriander.

Green mint – mentha verdis

Growing well after three months. Leaves are getting bigger. They seem happy.

Tea tree seedlings

Some have grown true leaves already. They are still really tiny though. Less than 4mm tall.

Semi-hydroponics lettuces

Not bad going.


Friday update

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Been a bit lax with everything. So here’s a quick crash.

I like this depth-of-field shot of my capsicum seedlings.

And also this macro shot of the lemon thyme I got from Petunia.

And this.

Winter thyme.

Flower/fruit of the red okra (lady’s finger) – bought at $6.50 from Kovan nursery #18.

The red okra plant.

The daun dewa cuttings, looking limp as I wait for them to root.

Piper sarmentosum, commonly mistaken for betel leaves.

Daun cekur rhizomes.

The daun cekur sprouting leaves from the soil. =)

Raw peanuts…

And look what the peanut grew into!

Wednesday pre-work update

Focusing on edibles this morning before I went to work. They’re growing relatively well.

My rosemary plant and closeup.

Eau de cologne mint.

African violet babies.


Onions/spring onions.

Live sphagnum moss on a lyer of dried sphagnum moss.

Lady’s fingers seedlings.

Seedlings I germinated for people – cinammon basil, catnip, lemon basil, lemon mint.

My own batch of seelings.

Tuesday update

My creeping thyme, common thyme and lemon mint seedlings.

Cinammon basil seedlings I believe.

My drosera paradoxa seems to be getting more offshoots. XD