Lemon eucalyptus

My dad went to cut back EXTREMELY hard on my lemon eucalyptus plant. It had grown much taller than me (probably reaching about 5’11”).

A few days later, numerous sideshoots came out. =D

Also, my new open terrarium using fittonias also.


Terrariums redux

Did a slightly better form of terrariums again today with fittonias. I like them a bit better.

This is gonna be closed-up.

I spoilt the cover for this jar so it’s gonna be open.

Potted up the leftover fittonias together.

Tea tree | Terrarium

I don’t know what my brother did, but here’s what my once-healthy tea tree looks like now. The roots aren’t drawing the hydroponics solution up any longer.

All four plants exhibited the same symptoms and all died.



On a slightly fun-er note, I made two terrariums. I hope the plants won’t rot and die or something.

Step One

Fill the bottom of the bottle with gravel to facilitate drainage.

Step Two

Add charcoal to help absorb impurities and poison(???).

Step Three

Add a layer of long-fiber sphagnum moss and a green netting over to prevent the potting mix (peat moss, in this case) from settling down too deeply.

Finished Products?

I sure hope they don’t die/rot on me! I’ve left the covers off to regulate the moisture in the jars now. So…