(Space Clearing) Of the clearing and reshuffling of space | Plants

My planting space was getting really, really cluttered, what with countless experiments using hydroponics and soil methods for seeds, and propagating a lot of mints for sale, and-this-and-that.

So, I cleared more dead plants, rearranged A LOT of things, and yay, more space.

The kinds of “creativity” us apartment-dwellers with space constrains have to come up with is amazing.

From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09


From 18.02.09

The lemon eucalyptus was growing almost to the ceiling. I repotted and repositioned it to give more upward space for it to grow.

From 18.02.09

Mints for J.; Lavender ‘Goodwin Creek’; Rosemary. And extra space on the next tier behind them.

From 18.02.09


From 18.02.09

(Clockwise from top left) Propagated pineapple mint; sawtooth coriander; water rooting peppermint; thyme seedlings.

From 18.02.09

Two circular pots – rocket seedlings; lettuce; totem cherry tomato; mulberry.
Sharp-leafed spinach; lettuce; kangkong.

From 18.02.09

Hydroponics kangkong.

From 18.02.09
From 18.02.09

Choy sum seedlings in hydroponics. Empty pot is for lettuce seeds which didn’t germinate.


Friday update

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Been a bit lax with everything. So here’s a quick crash.

I like this depth-of-field shot of my capsicum seedlings.

And also this macro shot of the lemon thyme I got from Petunia.

And this.

Winter thyme.

Flower/fruit of the red okra (lady’s finger) – bought at $6.50 from Kovan nursery #18.

The red okra plant.

The daun dewa cuttings, looking limp as I wait for them to root.

Piper sarmentosum, commonly mistaken for betel leaves.

Daun cekur rhizomes.

The daun cekur sprouting leaves from the soil. =)

Raw peanuts…

And look what the peanut grew into!

Tuesday update

My creeping thyme, common thyme and lemon mint seedlings.

Cinammon basil seedlings I believe.

My drosera paradoxa seems to be getting more offshoots. XD