Carnivorous plants update

My venus flytraps (those with the red genes anyway) have been reddening with the onslaught of constant half-days of sun. They’re terribly pretty now. =)

Red dragon venus flytrap plantlet turning red.

The reddening trap/s.

Reddening petiole and trap.

Unknown cultivar plantlets Delwin gave to me. Reddening also.

More red traps. 🙂




Absolutely swamped Thursday

I went to re-pot and divide many of the carnivorous plants I have, simply because I either wanted to tidy them up, or they were too cramped, or I just thought I wanted to re-pot them.

I divided my mother drosera paradoxa plant from the Canadian mass order into five portions. Replanted the mother plant along with three plantlets in this huge container, so I can monitor if they grow. The last portion was planted into a thumbpot so that if it survives, I’ll give it to Delwin.

One of the baby paradoxa.

The new/second tray of re-potted/divided carnivorous plants.

So I have the English sundew, the parent plant of the red snap dragon VFT, the filiformis, the baby VFTs I randomly found, and the baby paradoxa plantlet.