Nepenthes (mirabilis x coccinea) x rafflesiana

The pitchers are forming and speckling up quite nicely.


Nepenthes albomarginata rubra

A forming pitcher.

Yet another.


Nepenthes gracilis

Tiny forming pitcher.


Nepenthes viking


Salvia apiana


Pelargonium fragrans


Aloysia triphylla

Growing tips/leaves after snipping that area off after air-layering.

Air-layering some more stalks.


Murraya paniculata



Eucalyptus citriodora


Backhousia citriodora


Mentha x villosa


(Sowed) Ulam raja, Chinese toon, white sage

Heated up and soaked the white sage and Chinese toon seeds and sowed them today. Nicked the white sage with a blade before heating and sowing.

Sowed the ulam raja seeds today.

Note to self – germinating white sage

White sage

White sage #2

Test of garbage enzyme on mealy bug | White sage

Okay, I found a large mealy bug on my mint plant the other day. So I thought I’d try my diluted garbage enzyme on it. From this single experiment (need to test more to draw solid conclusions), I’ll say that the G.E. does work in killing mealies – I sprayed on it before work, and about eight hours later when I came home to check the mealy’s carcass was just fluffy cotton.

First batch of white sage didn’t sprout.

Re-heated second batch directly on the aromatherapy burner and re-sowed.

Now let’s see how this batch does.

White sage seeds

10 October – sowed white sage seeds.

Note to self again: White sage

Just placed the seeds into the veggie compartment of the fridge tonight, along with all my other seeds. The white sage seeds will go through one month of cold stratification. Then I’ll take them out on October 8, 2009, in a month’s time, and sow them on Tref potting mix with the “Sinflora” mix for rosemarys.

I intend to sow some in the vermiculite/hydroponics solution, some into the Tref/Sinflora mix (and then cling wrap it), place some with soil or vermiculite on a small essential oil burner and warm them up using a candle, before surface sowing them.

Will try to update when I can, after October 8.

Two sites for my reference:
1. Seed bloc’s suggestion

2. Horizon Herbs’ suggestion