Mealworms for composting 10/08/08

In the event that I’m unable to purchase vermicompost worms at the moment, I decided to do more research, and found out that some people use beetles or other types of worms to create compost. I don’t think worm tea is possible in this instance, but there will definitely be lots of compost to spare.

I purchased my own bag of mealworms (which can mature into beetles) for $1. Bought plastic containers and an aluminium foil tray (to hide the wormies from my family’s sight).

Fed them carrot peels after transferring them from the bag to the container.

The aluminium tray and the plastic container with air holes cut in at the top.

Close up of container.

Wormies in baggy.

Swarming over food.

Nom nom nom.

More nomming.